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How to Create an Account
On the home screen. Click Add New Team and then enter the following information.
League Code: gridbids
Password: gridbids
Then just fill in the blanks as you deem appropriate. Keep it clean though please.
Swearing / offensiveness in team / owner names / messages will be handled accordingly, and sometimes creatively, by the admins.
Use common sense and you'll be fine. :)

How to play.
You can pick up to 4 drivers to be in your team per race. The better those drivers perform in qualifying and the race, the more points you will gain.
You can pick/swap your drivers as much as you like up until 6am GMT two days before qualifying. Once that point has been reached, then all your picks (known as a LINEUP) are then locked until after the race.

How to Pick Drivers.
Click on TRADES and then on MAKE TRADE of the tier you wish to choose a driver from.
You can pick one Tier 1 driver, two Tier 2 drivers and one Tier 3 driver for a total of four drivers.

How to Swap Drivers.
Click on TRADES and then on MAKE TRADE of the Tier you wish to swap a driver from.
You will need to click DROP next to the drivers name before clicking ADD next to another drivers name.

Scoring System.
Drivers score points in qualifying, the race and for any positions gained / lost.
Qualifying also gives points. 10pts for Pole Position down to 1pt for 10th position.

Points are also gained / lost on a 1 for 1 basis for each position gained / lost versus a drivers qualifying position within the race.
Any driver which doesn't finish the race (DNF) scores 0 points for the whole weekend (qualifying and race).
Example 1: Qualified 5th. Finished Race 10th. -5 points.
Example 2: Qualified 10th. Finished Race 2nd. +8 points.
Example 3: Qualified 1st. Didn't Finish Race. (DNF). 0 points.

The main bulk of a drivers points will likely be rewarded based on their official finishing position in the race.
Official F1 points scoring system is used in this instance. 25pts for Pole Position down to 1pt for 10th place.

Example of points earned over a F1 weekend.
Driver qualifies in Pole Position. +10 points.
Driver finshes in 5th position. +10 points.
Driver had lost 5 places (qualifying 1st vs race finish 5th): -5 points.
Total for Driver = +15 points

When are the points updated?
Points are updated shortly after each race based on provisional results. Once those results have been made official, our points system will shortly update itself.

Drivers and Tiers
The tier a driver is placed in may change during the course of the season based on their performance in the last three races.
As a driver does better, they will move up a tier. Likewise, as perform badly they will go down a tier.

Where did all my drivers go?! (aka. My lineup is empty!)
After every race the league is updated with official points, normally within a day or two.
At this point all driver picks are wiped as it allows us to move drivers up/down tiers without resulting in a team having an impossible pick selection. ie: Two Tier 1 drivers as a picked Tier 2 driver moves up to Tier 1.
You can see when the picks are open by following us on our Facebook page. Grid Bids - Fantasy F1 League

What if I forget to do my picks?
Any team without driver picks when the lineups are locked (2 days before qualifying) will score 0 points for that race.

Race suspension.
If a race is suspended and can not be restarted then drivers, in the real race, will score 50% points if less than 75% of the race has been completed.
However, Grid Bids will grant all drivers points as if the race went the full race distance.
i.e. 25 points for 1st place, 18 points for 2nd place etc.